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MAKE YOUR OWN YOGURT - Vyrobte Si Svuj Jogurt

Czech-o-Slovaks are very handy people. If they can do something themselves they will do it. Majority of women from this European "corner" know how to hold a hammer and use it (my American husband knows). And NO !!! they do not use it on their husbands. They use it what it is made for.

Czech-o-Slovaks are also quite creative in the kitchen too, and are willing to learn anything. They still follow the tradition of making stuff from scratch, that is if it is good for them and their families or guests. So, I followed our "make from scratch" tradition and decided to learn how to make my own yogurt. You know the homemade one, from scratch. I did a huge research, read many articles, went on discussion forums and found out, that I probably will never eat yogurt made by companies. The thickeners, additives and chemicals they put in them are making some people actually quite sick.

I bought Wallaby Organic Yogurt and made my first batch. Then I made another batch from my leftover of my first batch. But when I tried to do a third batch, my yogurt culture died. I didn't give up. I bought another yogurt (this time Brown Cow), which had more bacteria cultures in it, and made my new batch. And I have been reusing my new yogurt culture from each batch ever since (already at least 7 times). Never had to buy another yogurt, yet. But different people used different brands - like Danon, Stoneyfields etc. When you are buying your yogurt, make sure it has several 4+ live and active cultures of bacteria and that it is PLAIN.

I came across a great page with different brands of yogurts and culture content, but I never saved it into my bookmarks. Unfortunately, I cannot find it. But if I'll ever do, I'll edit this text.

I got so excited (and addicted to my own yogurt) that I had to make a VIDEO for you all. So if you want to watch how I do it, and would like to try making your own yogurt CLICK ON THIS LINK.

And here is a link to an interesting blog about yogurt - many great explanations

Next time I will try to do my own apple sauce. I hear it is quite easy.


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