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CZECH RISING DUMPLINGS - Ceske Kynute Knedliky

When I moved to America I missed the European flour, because with the American kind I could not bake kolaches or cook dumplings. But one "nice soul" told me about WONDRA. This flour is perfect for making both, kolaches and Czech "knedliky" (dumplings). "Knedliky" are served for example with gulash (beef stew).

Also, from this recipe you can make knedliky with fruits. Czech people eat those as a meal, but Americans consider them a desert. The recipe below is my mother's. Enjoy!

Step-by_Step Directions:

2 a 1/2 - 3 cups flour Wondra
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup milk
1 tsp sugar
1 and 1/2 tsp dry yeast
1 egg

Heat up milk in microwave oven for about 20 seconds. Add sugar and yeast and stir. Let sit for few minutes. In a large bowl (I use this type - it is heavy and easy for me to hold while stirring) mix flour and salt.  Add milk/yeast mixture and the egg and kneed into a medium firm dough. Divide into 3-4 parts and roll out into oval shape dumpling. Let sit in the warm area to rise for about 1/2 hour. Place into boiling water into a big pot and cover with a lid.  Cook covered, and gently for about 20-22 minutes. The tricky part to great dumplings is in "pulling" the dumplings out of water. As soon as you open the lid you must poke all the dumlongs with fork to make holes so the steam escapes from them, then you have to quickly pull them out and as you do that poke them with fork several time more in different places. This way the dumplings will not "shrink". After they cool, cut with knife. My mom used to cut the dumplings with a thread. Serve with a gulash.

Kdyz jsem prijela poprve do Ameriky, mela jsem problem upect kolac nebo uvarit knedliky. Muj anglicky kmarad, velmi dobra duse, mi prozradil, ze mohu pouzit mouku WONDRA, kterou muzete pouzit na oboji - kolace i knedliky. Recept mi dala maminka. Tak hura do toho!

2 a 1/2 - 3 hrnky polohrube mouky WONDRA (v Americe se tato mouka pouziva na zahustovani omacek)
trochu soli
1 hrnek mleka
1 lzicka cukru
1 a pul lzicky sucheho drozdi
1 vajicko


Mleko malinko ohrejeme v mikrovlnce (asi 20 vterin), rozpustime v mlece cukr, pridame drozdi a zamichame. V misce zamichame mouku a sul. Jakmile vzejde kvasek nalijeme ho do mouky, pridame vajicko a vypracujeme stredne tuhe testo. Zaprasime moukou a nechame odlezet asi pul hodiny. Varime na mirnem ohni asi 20-22 minut. Nezapomente pri vytahovani sisek rychle hodne propichat vidlickou, at se knedliky nesrazi. Po vychladnuti nakrajet a servirovat s gulaskem. Mnam.