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Screen Shot of a Flash Mob Video in Bratislava, Slovakia
I have seen many flash mobs - and I enjoy most of them. I've seen some done in Grand Central Station in Manhattan, Some in Boston area, some in Germany, some in Down Under - you name a country and they probably did a flash mob. I have seen one even in Azerbaijan. And all of them were fun to watch. On YouTube. The other day I was doing some research and came across a flash mob done in the Czech Republic. And one video led to another, and I saw another, then I saw one done in Slovakia - so here we are: let's see what they have to offer to us.

 Enjoy couple of Czech and Slovak Flash Mobs below. They are enlightening.

Some classical for Janacek's lovers:

Well done Skyfall by Moravskoslezske Sinfoniety:

How about some salsa at the Bratislava's Castle?

Or first dance flash mob at the mall in Bratislava, Slovakia

And that is about it - I hope you were entertained


I like to share stuff that people can enjoy. Something that makes them laugh or smile, something that they can recreate. Easter is around the corner and I found something very interesting on the good old Internet. Many people decorate their houses and have parties with Easter egg hunts. Mom and dad's decorate eggs with the children. What I will share with you is quite fun. I haven't tried it yet but I will. Enjoy THIS LITTLE PRESENTATION VIDEO that someone posted on the Internet.

I come from Czechoslovakia, which now divided into two countries - Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, in both parts people decorate their Easter eggs in a similar manner. First they paint the eggs (or use just plain brown ones) and then they use wax to paint on these eggs. HERE is another video how to decorate Easter eggs that you may very much enjoy. It is in check language but you can watch, how this talented YouTube creator is decorating her eggs. It's a very crafty skill that one have to develop. You need a very steady hand and a very good sense for geometrics. On top of that you need to keep your wax at the optimal temperature. If you can do that you can make absolutely beautiful Easter eggs that everyone will admire you for.

Colored Eggs
Melted Crayons
Pin with glass head
Regular metal sewing pin
Old metal spoon
Glass Jar (for spoon to hang onto)
Tea candle

Happy Easter everyone.


I have to write this post. I was doing some marketing for my YouTube channel and answering my fans questions on the Internet today, and I came across this interesting website. I saw a beautifully painted tanks by an Iranian artist Neda Taiyebi. In one of the images she is pictured with many boys. (I wonder if they helped her to paint her tanks). These images brought me back to the past.

They reminded me of a Czech artist David Černý. On April 27th it will be 25 years when the Pink Tank first emerged on Štefánik square in Prague, Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia). That night (on April 27, 1991) David Černý and several of his artist friend students painted a tank (that was erected on the square after the World War II ended in 1945) with a pink paint. David Černý was arrested and the tank was painted back to green color. But 15 newly elected politicians took advantage of their immunity and painted the tank pink again. The tank was painted green and pink back and forth several more times but you can read more about the history of this tank at this link.

Google search for růžový tank in Czech language - click HERE
Google search for big tank in English language - click HERE

Now, we are coming full circle back to Neda Taiyebi and her tanks. I think that she must have learned about David Černý while taking art classes in her college. I think that his idea appealed to her and this is the way that she fights for the peace with her beautiful designs on very ugly and dangerous tanks. Click HERE to read the article about Neda's artwork, and to see more images of her tanks.

And remember that ART MATTERS.



Who would know? I never saw a movie "Zabil jsem Einsteina pánové...." (I Killed Einstein, gentlemen....) from the 70s. There was some nudity and my parents never allowed me to see movies like that.
Recently, I discovered  a .gif which somebody made with using a clip from this movie. In the image (see a link below) you see a very famous Czech actress Iva Janžurová taking an image of herself and her husband with a selfie stick, prior to his trip to the past. However, this stick was much better and faster than old Polaroid cameras, because it printed images immediately, which were displayed on the handle. To see how this futuristic camera works click HERE.

An information about this futuristic comedy (made in the former Czechoslovakia during a communist regime) can be found HERE.

And HERE is the link to the movie on YouTube, although it is in Czech with Spanish subtitles, and who knows how long it will be there. The scene starts around 9:25.


From time to time I come across different articles about the Czech Republic. Some of them are educational, others entertaining.

Today I came across the one that is quite funny and very entertaining. Although it is not completely accurate some of it is true.

But what I really enjoyed as well as the article where all the comments below the written word. So, if you read this article yourself don't forget to scroll down and read what people have to say. It may liven up your day. Enjoy.

Czech Republic – Where No One Gives a Fuck


If you live in tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT in the USA), take a little break from hustle and bustle this holiday season to see an art show.

The Bohemian Benevolent & Literary Association is presenting second annual exhibition "Celebrating Print 2015". The exhibition is in the gallery at the Bohemian National Hall in Manhattan. BBLA will present forty projects, including Cash Award.

Reception is December 8th, 2015 @ 6:30pm!!!

For more info visit THIS LINK

BBLA Gallery at Bohemian National Hall
321 E. 71st Str, 3rd Floor (between 2nd and 1st Aves.)
New York, NY 10021

Viewing hours:
Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Please note that BBLA's exhibition space is occasionally closed for events. Call 212-988-1733 to verify access.)


I haven't posted anything spectacular in quite some time. I think some short article is due. Hmm, I should write about something that would be fun. Something that would be interesting. Something that people might enjoy reading.
Well, today I found an image that resonates with me. A lot! And I want to share few thoughts after seeing this image.

When I arrived in America many moons ago, I was not happy about the beer selection. Coming from the "BEER" country, I was actually tremendously disappointed. The beer that was available in the US back then was awful. I used to call it (pardon my language) "the piss water".  On many occasions I probably insulted many of my wonderful American friends. They did laugh though. So, my belated apologies to all them ;-)
Actually, American corporate breweries still make this p-water. It tastes really bad. Ugh.

BUT then something extraordinary happened. Yes, the rise of microbreweries. Ahhhh. What a wonderful change. Beers started to taste how beers should taste.

However, about ten years ago I went to visit Europe for a longer period of time. I drunk beer in EU on a daily basis. When I returned back home, the microbrewery beers suddenly tasted too sweet. I had to get used to my favorite beers in the US all over again.

After "The Velvet Revolution" they started importing beers from my country - and my problem about drinking sweeter beers was solved. I started buying beers that were imported from CZ, along with beers from microbreweries. A great combination.

Now, I usually pour my beer into one particular glass I like a lot. When I saw an image online today (see it below), I was happy to find out that I was pouring my beer into a correct glass!!! Wow. By accident, I guess. Do you think that restaurants serve beer in correct glasses? Do servers in restaurants  know what glass is correct for what type of beer?

Well, now you'll know what glass to use at home. That is, if you didn't know :-)

OK, I am going to my kitchen to pour myself some good cold Pilsner into my favorite glass. This image made me thirsty. Cheers. Na zdravi.

Credit: the image above is courtesy of