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I have to write this post. I was doing some marketing for my YouTube channel and answering my fans questions on the Internet today, and I came across this interesting website. I saw a beautifully painted tanks by an Iranian artist Neda Taiyebi. In one of the images she is pictured with many boys. (I wonder if they helped her to paint her tanks). These images brought me back to the past.

They reminded me of a Czech artist David Černý. On April 27th it will be 25 years when the Pink Tank first emerged on Štefánik square in Prague, Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia). That night (on April 27, 1991) David Černý and several of his artist friend students painted a tank (that was erected on the square after the World War II ended in 1945) with a pink paint. David Černý was arrested and the tank was painted back to green color. But 15 newly elected politicians took advantage of their immunity and painted the tank pink again. The tank was painted green and pink back and forth several more times but you can read more about the history of this tank at this link.

Google search for růžový tank in Czech language - click HERE
Google search for big tank in English language - click HERE

Now, we are coming full circle back to Neda Taiyebi and her tanks. I think that she must have learned about David Černý while taking art classes in her college. I think that his idea appealed to her and this is the way that she fights for the peace with her beautiful designs on very ugly and dangerous tanks. Click HERE to read the article about Neda's artwork, and to see more images of her tanks.

And remember that ART MATTERS.