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I haven't posted anything spectacular in quite some time. I think some short article is due. Hmm, I should write about something that would be fun. Something that would be interesting. Something that people might enjoy reading.
Well, today I found an image that resonates with me. A lot! And I want to share few thoughts after seeing this image.

When I arrived in America many moons ago, I was not happy about the beer selection. Coming from the "BEER" country, I was actually tremendously disappointed. The beer that was available in the US back then was awful. I used to call it (pardon my language) "the piss water".  On many occasions I probably insulted many of my wonderful American friends. They did laugh though. So, my belated apologies to all them ;-)
Actually, American corporate breweries still make this p-water. It tastes really bad. Ugh.

BUT then something extraordinary happened. Yes, the rise of microbreweries. Ahhhh. What a wonderful change. Beers started to taste how beers should taste.

However, about ten years ago I went to visit Europe for a longer period of time. I drunk beer in EU on a daily basis. When I returned back home, the microbrewery beers suddenly tasted too sweet. I had to get used to my favorite beers in the US all over again.

After "The Velvet Revolution" they started importing beers from my country - and my problem about drinking sweeter beers was solved. I started buying beers that were imported from CZ, along with beers from microbreweries. A great combination.

Now, I usually pour my beer into one particular glass I like a lot. When I saw an image online today (see it below), I was happy to find out that I was pouring my beer into a correct glass!!! Wow. By accident, I guess. Do you think that restaurants serve beer in correct glasses? Do servers in restaurants  know what glass is correct for what type of beer?

Well, now you'll know what glass to use at home. That is, if you didn't know :-)

OK, I am going to my kitchen to pour myself some good cold Pilsner into my favorite glass. This image made me thirsty. Cheers. Na zdravi.

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