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Who would know? I never saw a movie "Zabil jsem Einsteina pánové...." (I Killed Einstein, gentlemen....) from the 70s. There was some nudity and my parents never allowed me to see movies like that.
Recently, I discovered  a .gif which somebody made with using a clip from this movie. In the image (see a link below) you see a very famous Czech actress Iva Janžurová taking an image of herself and her husband with a selfie stick, prior to his trip to the past. However, this stick was much better and faster than old Polaroid cameras, because it printed images immediately, which were displayed on the handle. To see how this futuristic camera works click HERE.

An information about this futuristic comedy (made in the former Czechoslovakia during a communist regime) can be found HERE.

And HERE is the link to the movie on YouTube, although it is in Czech with Spanish subtitles, and who knows how long it will be there. The scene starts around 9:25.