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Not too long ago I had to bring to our art opening reception (it was a group show) a spread. I remembered how my mom used to make a spread for our bread from farmer's cheese. I can still taste the warm delicious bread from our famous local bakery with heaps of the spread in my mouth. Actually, I am imagining those long lines to buy the bread. The bakery was so popular that anyone who was driving by from Czech part of the republic to Slovak part never missed an opportunity to stop there and patiently wait in line. All the baked the bread was usually sold in about 4 hours.

After one of us would bring the bread home my mom would pull the farmer's cheese from our fridge along with couple other ingredients and in 10 minutes we were "stuffing our faces", so to speak. I do miss that bakery.

When I came to America I discovered cream cheese. So, I would take my mom's recipe and instead of the farmer's cheese I used cream cheese. And that is what I did for the above mentioned art reception. Several people asked who made the spread and if I could share the recipe. That is why I made THIS video - you can "cook" along. It is a quick preparation..... and yummy. Enjoy your meal/snack.