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I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving in our Czech-o-American family starts about three days prior to the "so popular feast". (Can you believe it - I've been living in the US already 32 years! WOW!)
Usually, on Monday we make a list of what we need for cooking our dinner, and we cross check what we already have at home.
On Tuesday, we do some shopping and I usually make cranberry sauce from scratch and then store it in our frigidaire. So far so good. We, that means my dear husband (that is DH) and I, did all that.

Our cranberry sauce (with some rum, some orange liqueur and red wine in the sauce... heavenly, and easy to make too)

Last night (that means on Tuesday) our daughter arrived from college and we celebrated by having a vegetarian indian dinner I made per recipe from internet. She was hungry, didn't complain and ate it. So far so good. Now the question is: will we survive cooking in our kitchen with so many cooks today? (I expect that our "not baby anymore" will cook or bake one dish in-between her studies for tests).

Wednesday afternoon:
Every year my DH is in charge of "The Bird" and makes corn bread for stuffing from scratch. And today he did the same. He took a glass jar marked "CORN FLOUR" (yes, I keep my flours in glass jars) and proceeded to mix it with other goodies that belong to the corn bread. He baked it. After he baked it he told me it smells like nutmeg. I told him he is crazy. We tasted it, smelled it and I realized that in the glass jar marked "CORN FLOUR" I had a prepared mixture for pumpkin muffins. I completely forgot all about it. OK. So far not so good. The corn bread must be baked again.

Another trip to the store. And start the bread for stuffing all over again. Perhaps we should have a glass of wine, so we all keep our sanity. I need to keep sanity about my DH not putting stuff away as he cooks (therefore we can't move around the kitchen, and he needs to keep a sanity about me not marking my jars properly). Ha!

BTW - it is snowing today!!!

While he was in the store, I already cooked broccoli for "BROCCOLI CASSEROLE" - a recipe from my mom-in-law. Yum yum. (I think I should share it one of these days....)

OK - wine break (time for taking some images)

Re-doing of corn bread for stuffing - in the background "fake" corn bread

OK - another wine break

Here is my pumpkin pie ready to be baked:

It is still baking - another image coming up tomorrow :-)

OK - so far so good. Time for another wine break.

My broccoli casserole is half way cooked - tomorrow we will finish cooking it.

So far so good. Here is what is done and what needs to be done:

  • stuffing - done
  • pumpkin pie - done
  • broccoli casserole - almost done
  • cranberry sauce - done

Tonight we need to make butternut squash soup, before we give up on cooking :-)


  • turkey
  • gravy
  • yams (our DD is in charge)
  • apple strudel

Our guests are in charge of:

  • scalloped potatoes
  • green beans with almonds
  • drinks

OK - one more glass of wine? Eh, maybe I will leave the rest for tomorrow.... today turned out great, happy and peaceful with great music in the background..... I even danced a little with my daughter in the kitchen - LOL. What a sight it must have been... hahahhaha


And this is the next day on Thursday :-)