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I like to share stuff that people can enjoy. Something that makes them laugh or smile, something that they can recreate. Easter is around the corner and I found something very interesting on the good old Internet. Many people decorate their houses and have parties with Easter egg hunts. Mom and dad's decorate eggs with the children. What I will share with you is quite fun. I haven't tried it yet but I will. Enjoy THIS LITTLE PRESENTATION VIDEO that someone posted on the Internet.

I come from Czechoslovakia, which now divided into two countries - Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, in both parts people decorate their Easter eggs in a similar manner. First they paint the eggs (or use just plain brown ones) and then they use wax to paint on these eggs. HERE is another video how to decorate Easter eggs that you may very much enjoy. It is in check language but you can watch, how this talented YouTube creator is decorating her eggs. It's a very crafty skill that one have to develop. You need a very steady hand and a very good sense for geometrics. On top of that you need to keep your wax at the optimal temperature. If you can do that you can make absolutely beautiful Easter eggs that everyone will admire you for.

Colored Eggs
Melted Crayons
Pin with glass head
Regular metal sewing pin
Old metal spoon
Glass Jar (for spoon to hang onto)
Tea candle

Happy Easter everyone.