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POTATO SALAD WITH MAYONNAISE - Bramborovy Salat s Majonezou

Potato  salad is very popular in the Czech and Slovak republics, in Germany and Austria. I think that the most popular way to serve the potato salad is with Wiener Schnitzel, which is a thinly sliced breaded veal and then deep fried. My mom served potato salad at Christmas time with breaded and fried carp.

2 lb. potatoes cooked with skin on, then peeled and diced (I prefer red potatoes for this particular salad - read HERE why)
5 hard boiled eggs - 4 eggs for the salad, 1 egg for decoration
1/2 cup diced pickled dills + couple dills for decoration - I use Vlasic Kosher Baby Dills
1/2 cup sliced hard salami or ham
1/2 small onion - finely chopped
1 cup frozen mixed vegetables (green peas, carrots, corn...etc.) - cooked for about a minute
2 tsp mustard - I like THIS kind
optional: 2-3 TBSP juice from Dills if you like your potato salad more sour

Combine all ingredients (salt, pepper and mayo to your taste). Top with a thin layer of mayonnaise and decorate with eggs and dills. Let sit in your refrigerator for few hours until all the flavors mix.


2 lb brambor, uvarit ve slupce, oloupat a nakrajet na kosticky
5 vajec natvrdo – 4 do salatu, jedno na ozdobu
1/2 mensi cibule najemno
1/2 hrnku nakrajeneho tvrdeho salamu nebo sunky
1 hrnek zmrazene zeleninove smesi (hrasek, mrkev, kukurice atd.) - lehce povarena
1/2 hrnku pokrajenych okurek
sul, pepr, majonezu podle chuti
mate-li radi kyselejsi salat, pridejte 2-3 lzice laku z okurek

Veskere prisady dejte do velke nadoby (misy) a zamichejte. Namazejte povrch tenkou vrstvou majonezy, ozdobte vajickem a okurkou nakrajenou do vejirku a dejte do lednicky odlezet, aby se vsechny chute "spojily".