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YARN PROJECT FOR CHILDREN - Aktivity s Vlnou Pro Deti

Do you knit or crochet? Do any of your friends knit and crochet? If your answer is yes to one or both questions, then why not save your yarn ends you or your friends cut off when finished with your project. Or if you have a leftover from unused yarn. You can use it for kids activities. Small children do not last too long at some activities, but if they do it little by little each day at a time, they can be creative and they can look forward to finished item. Long term projects teach children patience, dexterity etc. Here is what you and your child (children) could you do with the yarn ends that you do not need anymore and that would end up in a trash. To speed up the collection of yarn - search for unused skeins at yard sales of thrift stores - you would be surprised how inexpensive yarn you can find that way.

  • Collect (and store it in a container) enough yarn for "a rug project". Buy a rug canvas and a rug hook. Once you have all materials, your child can start making a rug for his/her room. Better if your child have a friend and they can do it together. You and your child can cut up the yarn into same length pieces - which is also a great way to spend time together. Then you can show your child and his/her friend how to hook the cut up yarn onto the canvas. It is OK if you have all different colors or brands. They will love their wacky/wild design made with "million" colors. 
  • Another project from collected yarn ends could be knitted scarf. This project would be for older children - like middle-schoolers or teens. Tie ends of different colors and various lengths and roll them into balls. Then children can knit scarves/shawls with big needles. Or even an afghan.
  • You can use yarn ends as a stuffing for toys.  Fill an old nylon stocking with all the pieces and use it to line the toys - the loose yarn ends won't come out between the stitches. You could also knit/crochet "furry" animals and then stuff them.