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Happy Halloween 2011!

My friend Mia, who is a fashion stylist/etiquette educator/interior decorator from Europe, knows how to celebrate a true American Halloween. First, she gets her AHA! idea, then decorates the house. After that, she finds interestingly looking foods on internet, or creates her own menu for the table. And guests can start coming to the "Boo Party"!

Mia, a very talented lady from Atlanta, GA (not to be confused with Mia Guzman), helps clients in Atlanta with their fashion style, teaches their children (and adults) proper etiquette for any function or occasion, or even helps to decorate their home.

Mia and her family celebrate Halloween in style:

Halloween table decoration
Halloween-sky nazdobeny stul

Drink from lychee (canned) which is filled with blueberries and floating in pomegranate juice
Drink z lychee (iz konzervy) plnene boruvkami v pomegranat-ovem dzusu

Halloween Appetizer - small sausages with pistachio shells drizzled with a specially mixed food coloring
Predkrm z mini parecku a slupek z pistacii

Halloween Main Course - chicken wings in soy sauce colored with food coloring and drizzled with black sesame seeds
Halloweenske Hlavni Jidlo - kureci kridla, v sojove omacce (plus trochu cerne potravinarske barvy) sypane cernym sezamem

And finally Halloween Dessert - "Bones" from meringue. Pipe the mixture into bone shape, bake on very low temperature and then let dry overnight in the oven.
Halloween-sky Dezert - pusinky ve tvaru kosti