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I grew up in Silesia Region and I still keep in touch with couple of wonderful friends. One of them sent me a pdf of recipes from Moravia/Silesia region. Unfortunately it is written in the Czech language, but perhaps the non-Czech speaking people could use Google Translator. These are very hearty recipes, worth trying out. Many of the foods are typical for Silesia (Slezsky) region. Do not forget to check out "Slezska Varonka" or "Havirska Varonka" on pages 84 and 85 - alcoholic beverages served especially in cold weather. Enjoy.

Click on THIS LINK to get pdf file of the above mentioned cookbook.

Kamaradka mi poslala dobre vypadajici Moravsko-Slezskou kucharku. Veskere recepty vypadaji skvele a chutne. A hlavne se nezapomente podivat, jak se vari Varonka - hlavne kdyz je chladne pocasi. Dobrou chut.

Na TOMTO ODKAZU najdete vyse uvedenou regionalni kucharku.