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I grew up on delicious, well baked bread from a local bakery in a village located next to our town. Long lines formed early in the mornings outside this bakery. The bread was so delicious that it was sold out within one hour. Aaaah, it was so good, I still dream about it.
Then I moved to the US and realized, that millions of people are missing out on a perfectly baked bread. The bread that is sold in the stores (I call it institutionalized bread) is not good for my palate. I rather bake my own, even if I don't do as good job as the baker in the small village I mentioned above. My bread has only six ingredients that are needed for bread - flour, water, yeast, salt, pinch of sugar, and little of butter. No other chemical additives. Sometimes I use 2-3 types of flour instead of just one. The taste is better than the one from some corporation. It takes me 5 minutes to put all ingredients into the bread machine, then sit and relax. When it is done I simply pull my home made bread out of the machine all done. Sometimes, I just mix my bread dough in the machine, let it rise, then divide it into rolls and let it rise again on the baking sheet and bake me some rolls. I've done it so many times that it is done in no time. Shopping for good bread takes me longer than baking it :-)

About half a year ago, I came across a video of one very cool baker - Vincent Talleu. Today, a friend of mine sent me Vincent's video again. He is funny, he is energetic and he knows his stuff. We all could learn all the necessary variables of his baking, such as ingredients, time, temperature, stirring, kneading etc., right? Our breads could turn a bit better. See two videos provided on this page. Especially the last one. What a fun video to watch.  Here is his website. Enjoy, and if possible buy bread from local bakeries if you do not want to bake your own.