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As a fairly progressive Czech living in the Northern part of America, I love to try different cuisines. One of them is Italian. Tiramisu is a dessert that has huge amount of fans. I haven't seen an Italian restaurant that would not make this scrumptious treat in their kitchen. I remember eating this heavenly dessert for the very first time in an Italian restaurant Ecco in Tribeca, New York City. That was around 1986. It was heavenly, and since then any time I dine at any establishment that serves Tiramisu, I order it. And occasionally I make it. If you would like to learn a history of Tiramisu, visit wikipedia. It is quite an interesting read.

Tiramisu has many variations, but the best desserts call for Mascarpone cheese and Lady Fingers. However, if you live in the area, that Mascarpone and Lady Fingers are hard to find, you can order them on-line (just the non-perishables) or substitute them with Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Nilla Wafers.

Here is an easy recipe without the use of eggs (many recipes ask for eggs).

16 oz. of Mascarpone  or 16 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
8 oz. Heavy Cream for whipping
5 and 1/2 oz. Sugar
Lady Fingers or Nilla Wafers
1 tsp instant coffee
coffee liquor (optional)
Cocoa Powder and or Shaved Chocolate


Boil about 6 oz. of water and add 1 tsp of instant coffee. Let it cool. Mix Mascarpone (or Philadelphia Cream Cheese) with sugar. Add whipped heavy cream. Into a nice glass form or shallow bowl lay out Lady Fingers (or wafers) dipped in coffee (do not dip too much). If you want, you can drizzle with coffee liquor. Spread cream mixture on top of the Lady Fingers. Repeat layers couple of times. Sprinkle cocoa powder through a fine sieve on the top. Let sit in your refrigerator for at least 8 hours.


16 oz. Mascarpone Cheese nebo 16 oz. Philadelphia Cheese
8 oz. Heavy Cream
15 dkg cukru (5 and 1/2 oz.)
Italske piskoty Lady  Fingers nebo Nilla Wafers
1 lzicka instantni kavy
popripade kavovy liquer


Uvarime si asi 6 oz. vody a pridame do ni lzici instantni kavy a nechame vychladnout. Mezitim Mascarpone (nebo Philadelphii) umichame s cukrem, pridame vyslehanou slehacku. Do formy kladme piskoty namocene v kave a stridame s vrstvou kremu. Nahoru uz jen krem, ktery posypeme kakaem. Nechame vychladnou v lednici alespon 8 hodin.