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EASTER IN CZECH AND SLOVAK REPUBLICS - Velikonoce v Cesku a na Slovensku

Many of you will be celebrating your Easter with the "Easter Egg Hunt" and parties. But, perhaps you would like to read, how Czechs and Slovaks celebrate this holiday in Europe. HERE is a nice article from a year 2005, but still actual. Two years ago I posted a video about Easter on THIS page and a video of an Easter whip braiding on THIS page.

This year I found a nice video on how to decorate Easter eggs. It is in Czech language, but you will understand it by just looking at it. To help you out I wrote the directions from "Easter Egg Decorating" video in English.

Materials used:
  • Elmers glue
  • brush (the end of brush is sharpened to a point)
  • white and pre-colored broken and unbroken (blown out) eggshells
  • trays or plates
  • soak the broken eggshells you will be using for decoration and peel the inside membrane off
  • in the mean time color some unbroken eggshells
  • leave some eggshells white too
  • break the broken and prepared (=colored/white and peeled) eggshells into small pieces
  • glue the small pieces onto the unbroken eggs - create a designs
  • you can be as imaginative as you want - in the video are couple of examples what you could do
Enjoy and Happy Easter!!!