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CZECH PUPPETS IN COLUMBUS MUSEUM OF ART - Ceske Loutky v Museu, Columbus Ohio

Dear friends of Czech culture,

If you live in Columbus, OH area or if you will be visiting it in a near future make a little effort to see a wonderful exhibition about Czech puppetry. The exhibition "Strings Attached: The Living Tradition of Czech Puppets" is on view at Columbus Museum of Art until August 4th, 2013.

What you can see there:
  • more than 140 puppets
  • set designs
  • masks
  • costumes
Some puppets were made even in 1850s. Strings Attached explores the rich history of puppetry in the Czech Republic and how it influenced other parts of the world.

Visitors can use touch-screen monitors to see productions, watch puppet-makers at work and even create their own puppet shows.

Visit the museum - and enjoy!

Credit - the image above is Columbus Museum of Art property.