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GENE DEITCH - The American Living In Prague Longest

Gene Deitch
Well, well... I am really hooked on internet. You know I start doing research about knitting or art or crochet and then soon I am reading about Iceland or virtually visiting New Zealand, and so on... Today I came across an interesting video, right after I was checking what is going on with my classmates from my youth. Then I started to click on news and soon I was on some page that caught my eye - kind of like "the American living in Prague longest"... of course I had to see who that was. And what an interesting story.

Gene Deitch was living in the US, and working as an animator for Hollywood and other companies that were making cartoons. He collaborated on films like "Popeye" or "Tom and Jerry". Then in 1959 he was sent to Prague, and although he wanted to stay only 10 days, he is living there even today. He is 90 years old, but still very busy in the film industry.

After I watched a Czech video about him, I started doing more research and found another interesting video he videotaped himself. This 90 years old gentleman is so technologically savvy that some of the young kids should be ashamed :-)

Well here are couple of links that may be of some interest:

  • For an interesting short documentary about him in CZ language - CLICK HERE
  • For short info on Wikipedia CLICK HERE
  • A video "First Animated Hobbit" that he collaborated with Adolf Born (Czech artist) can be found HERE
  • Video, where he is promoting his "Nudnik" is HERE (Czechs will find it kind of uplifting)
And if you want to know more about him, do some more research :-)