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HOLIDAYS - Easter 2015

I love getting e-mails from my friends about anything interesting. The other day I got an e-mail from my friend that sends me about 20-50 e-mails every day. Yes, that many. And I have to sift through them all the time. The title usually is a good indicator if I should or should not open the e-mail. Of course, when I read "madeira egg decorating", I had to open that one. Decorating eggs for Easter is fun to do with your family and friends. One day I might try to do "madeira egg decorating", but it will be costly - buying all that equipment for this special art. I already did a little research ;-)

I decided to share with you few images and videos, that I found. For now, you can enjoy few videos with me - even if you do not celebrate Easter. If you do - Happy Easter. And all the way at the end of my post - click on the link to put an "Egg puzzle" together.

Credit for an image at the top goes to THIS PUZZLE WEBSITE. You can put the puzzle together too.